Introduction redux

Well, that first post kind of stream-of-consciousnessed away from me and stuck with the reasoning behind the blog title.  So here’s my attempt at an introduction (as much as a pseudonymous random guy on the internet can introduce):

I’m a guy with a Computer Science background working in the real-time embedded systems field (with a fair amount of program management tossed in).  I don’t have any solid plans with this blog.  I think it’s good for everyone to have a place where they can put their thoughts down, and the social networks don’t really appeal to me all that much.

I have written for other folks’ sites before (from basic copy-editing to dorky video game strategizing).  I could see discussing anything from politics to tech developments to Sci-Fi (soft or hard), Fantasy to personal finance.

What I find most fulfilling day to day is helping people, whether it’s with troubleshooting a computer issue or understanding why that loan accelerator program they got a mailer for is garbage.  Perhaps I can develop that here; I suppose it depends on my ability to attract an audience!

Recommendations and suggestions more than welcome.

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